The Importance of Vinyl Liner Pool Repair in Bucks and Montgomery County When Leaks Develop

Inground pools constructed with a vinyl liner are very common. At some point, it’s likely that some minor damage may occur in the form of tearing, puckering, or pulling away from the surface. Sometimes, the liner is in excellent shape but part of the top is coming off the track for some reason. Technicians who offer Vinyl liner pool repair in Bucks and Montgomery County respond promptly to calls and fix the damage for an affordable price.

About Vinyl Liners

A vinyl liner is intended to protect the walls and the floor of the pool and to hold the water in. This type of plastic lasts a long time as long as the pool owners aren’t too rough with it. Eventually, the liner will need replacing, but in the meantime, repair work by technicians from a company like Sparklean Pools can patch minor problems.

Increased Expense for Water and Chemicals

Leaks can develop in the liner even when the owner hasn’t noticed any dings, rips, or tears. When the amount of water being lost every day is noticeable and is not due to some other factor, the situation should be resolved promptly. Not only does refilling the water cost more money with the utility bill, it also knocks the chemicals out of balance.

Serious Problems With Allowing Leaks to Continue

In addition, it’s inadvisable to let the water just keep leaking out when nobody will be using the pool for a while. The weight of the water helps keep the liner in place, and if the level drops too far down, the liner can start pulling away from the wall. If the owners decide to refill the pool when the level has dropped below one-quarter full, the liner may develop wrinkles when the material is pushed back against the wall.

Letting all of the water drain this way can cause even more serious problems. Consider a pool that’s seven feet deep and is losing a half-inch of water per day. It will be empty in about half a year. Without the weight of the water, the structure can pop up out of the ground and pool walls can collapse.