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How To Get Your W-2 Form from Your Previous Employer

Individuals always look for other opportunities to grow their skills while getting better pay to improve their lives. It is crucial for an individual to get the form in time to file his or her tax return and avoid violating the rules. The report provides information regarding your year and indicates if the employer has been deducting the right amount form your wages or salary. The authorities can guide you to getting a refund or funding depending on the document.

It is essential for an employee to refer to the form when filing returns. It shows your retirement benefits and whether the employer has been a contribution to your health insurance cover. It goes ahead to show other benefits like independent care. The form is different from other records like for those who are under self-employment, it sums up the monthly wages and gives a direction on the amounts one should submit while filing returns.

Therefore, you should be keen to acquire the document even if you are advancing your career in another corporation. The following are some of the steps you can take and get the document and meet the deadlines.

Take Your Time to Call the Administration
In every firm, there is a working mechanism to take care of the staff salaries, wages, and other benefits; you should make a point and call the individuals responsible. You can call them or email them about your particular case. You should be careful and scrutinize your addresses to check for any errors that might end up messing your efforts. You can make an effort and personally collect the form from the relevant office to use the shortest time possible and keep the organization from using their resources to send the document. It is a sure means of getting the form.

Consult IRS
If you cannot reach your previous employer, the other available option is to contact IRS.They have a copy of the form, and they can also assist you in contacting the former employer. You should submit an identification number of the employer; you can get it from previous documents. The authorities will then send a reminder to the employer.

Check Other Ways
If you cannot access your form in time, it is wise to go for other means of ensuring that you pay your taxes and avoid penalties. You can get information from IRS website and use other documents to file your taxes correctly.

The Advantages of Having a W-2 Form
It proves that your employer has been paying up taxes and deducting other funds to cover your insurance or retirement plan. You can use it in a tax filing process and claim your refund if any.

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